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Airtight Masonry

  • Airtight Masonry Block

    Airtight Masonry Block - paint finish

    Economical, high quality airtight masonry blocks with a fine, textured surface and sharp, clean arises designed for direct decoration offering high level of air tightness prior to painting.

    The blocks are designed for use in both load and non-load bearing situations and provide a high degree of sound insulation when incorporated into a suitably structured wall. Designed for internal use or for the inner leaf to cavity walls that are to have a paint grate finish. The blocks also offer high fire resistance and are designed for use in the fire compartment or fire-break walls or as a back-up to any type of cladding.

    All faces are designed to be exposed except the top and bottom of the unit. Cavity closers are designed to be cut to suit site requirements.  Sill External Corners and Plinth Corners are manufactured as cut and bonded units.

    Note: Cement based paints provide better sound reduction properties as they close the pores on the surface of each block. For normal internal use, the use of a 2 coat vinyl emulsion paint porvides adequate over without affecting the block texture

    BSRIA Test Certificates are available on request.

  • Compressive Strength Average (minimum): 10N/mm2
    Density: 2050 kg/m3
    The blocks have a very low water absorption rate and the drying shrinkage values are considerably below BS6073:Part 1

    Thermal Conductivity (K Value):Protected: 0.75 W/mk
    Faces: All faces are designed to be exposed except the top and bottom of the unit.
    Airtightness: 100mm – 0.87m3. h-1.m2 – undecorated
    Sound Insulation: 100mm Solid = 46dB
    Weight: 100mm Solid – 203kg/m2 = 19.2kg/Block
    Fire Performance: 2 hours for load/non load bearing walls – 100mm Solid Blocks
    Blocks: To BS6073-1 and BSEN 771-3:2003
    Type: Solid/Hollow

    To download the specification sheet click here

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