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Customer Satisfaction

Barleystone strive to ensure our products and service meets your expectations.
Should this not be the case please call us immediately on +353 42 9675 992.


All products should be inspected prior to and during installation. Defective or damaged product should not be used. Surface scratching may be evident upon delivery of product. This is normal and will disappear over the time. Responsibility cannot be accepted for replacement costs or any delays incurred.


We recommend you ensure mixing from 3-4 bales to achieve an even blend of colours. Responsibility cannot be accepted for third party installations.


As a naturally occurring phenomenon efflorescence may happen for a period of time on certain paving blocks, such instances will gradually disappear with natural weathering. Responsibility cannot be accepted for its occurrence.


Barleystone paving products combine good colour retention with durability and strength. Colours are achieved with the controlled use of iron oxide pigments. However as with all concrete products minor colour variations and natural weathering may occur. We recommend you request actual samples as colours may vary from the brochure. We cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.

Customer Advice

Barleystone makes every effort to ensure advice and recommendations are accurate. We cannot take any responsibility for loss/damage or injury following it. Continuous improvement in product design and development is subject to change without notice. We strongly recommend you check to ensure you have the latest product details. Additionally if required we recommend you consult independent  technical advice.


Please ensure your contractor accurately measures before ordering as we cannot accept returns on any materials.

Quality Systems

Barleystone is an I.S. EN ISO 9001:2008 registered company and all products are produced in accordance with BS and European Standards.